New Baby Arrival Email Baby With Down's Syndrome?

Baby with Down's Syndrome? - new baby arrival email

My friend just gave me a lot of e-mail, his newborn son shows (two months too early) girl who has suffered a massive operation, was also tested positive for Down syndrome. I shook all my clothes, down, offered to make dinner to take care of his eldest son, told him that we all pray, and welcomed the new arrival. I basically everything he could for every friend to do a baby.
My question to those who have experienced something similar, it is something I can do? What can I say? I feel weird pretending it is just another wonderful gift and nothing is wrong. I'm sure going through a real difference, and I want to understand how it is difficult, but I will not be offensive either. If you experience something, who said he had nothing that was particularly useful? O (outside of the things that are offensive) obviously does not violate someone say something? Thank you.


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