Oa Knee Treatment Knee Arthritis?

Knee arthritis? - oa knee treatment

I have osteoarthritis in the medial region of the knee. It is used only for pain, but now he has developed a number of other strange symptoms, and I do not know if just the natural progression of osteoarthritis or something.

It seems to go into spasm. This means that if I bend my knee there for a while, my pain when straightening. Of course, she wakes me up all night. This happened only occasionally, but it happens all the time. When I travel, my pushbike and down, sometimes I can not burden the leg at all. Wake after it is painful in the car.

I like to have at home before Christmas, it's now all sorts of noises and I got the pain when climbing stairs (only used to strike down). The knee feels bad for them for centuries. I can not go to B4, as she later wound

They have hip pain, which seems to be related to the knee, or vice versa. When I go to bed on the wrong side sometimes referred pain from the hip to the knee.

Ideas? I am 41 years old and do not want to spend the rest of my life in pain.


ssmindia said...

Behold, thou art sick, and you need to decide what area is a good treatment for his condition. As good scissors for cutting blade and cut straight lines in this type of pain in the knee joints of homeopathy is the best medicine, then go to a homeopath and taking the medication. In the meantime, if there are Bryonia (30 Rhus.tox (30) in your area are available to purchase these drugs and 3 tablets at once 3 times daily before meals and after dinner rhus.tox Bryonia and get good relief.

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