Colon Hydrotherapy Clinic Is Colon Hydrotherapy Safe? If It Is, Why Can't I Find Any Major Hospitals That Puts It On The Service List?

Is colon hydrotherapy safe? If it is, why can't I find any major hospitals that puts it on the service list? - colon hydrotherapy clinic

I think, get a colon hydrotherapy. But I can not find a large hospital (public or private), a Colon-Hydro has on the list of services. I can only find the practice of colon hydrotherapy in small clinics that are not plausible to me.
I'm visiting does not agree with the idea of just cleaning your colon every few months, if I my dentist every 5-6 months.


SkepDoc 2.0 said...

Colon hydrotherapy, colonic irrigation, what you want her elegant name .... Enema. The hospitals give enemas for constipation relief. That is all.

Hydrotherapy, as proposed by alternative practitioners have different demands to strengthen the "detoxifying" the body of all sorts of poisons and other unspecified problems, and your immune system, blah blah blah. No evidence for this, and this practice has no scientific basis. It is therefore not legitimate as a "service" in a hospital, but only in spas, deprived of the "general health" clinics, medical practitioners, etc.

It is possible, "according to the idea, but there is no reason to clean your colon. Your body is a very good job on their own.

It is also a potentially dangerous practice. It can deplete the body of electrolytes such as sodium and potassium. You can also remove the beneficial bacteria as effectively as the overuse of antibiotics (ironic, is not it?) And there is a small but serious risk of intestinal perforation and peritonitis.

oldtimek... said...

You should be able to find in most places with a different name to ... Enema. All the major hospitals and clinics have the availability to give an enema, but requested that the hydrotherapy something that most hospitals do not feel comfortable to ask is.

However, regular enemas, if you can get rid of the ecology of your intestines, which may affect your regularity, and even your immune system. Therefore, I recommend a good probiotic complex fill in (at least) after washing with beneficial bacteria back and keep your intestines as smoothly as possible. Good luck!

Impish Jerome said...

because the Colon hydrotherapy is not a conventional treatment process is not found in large hospitals.

For in a private clinic / is small, not under pressure to a vein of the patient, therapists have the time to care for patients and do not meet certain conditions, health insurance.

I feel the other side - a hospital for the management of colon therapy. What happens when a Code Blue should occur, the therapist must take care of him and (I know, strange Senerio) leaves me on the table and forget about me. I need to take control from time to time. No, I prefer private, 1 small-to-1 environment.

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