Photo Printing And Framing What's A Reasonable Price To Ask For A Framed Photo Print?

What's a reasonable price to ask for a framed photo print? - photo printing and framing

A photo I took, and I had printed a laboratory for a wider road, mounted and put me in a frame with a glass facade.

How much would you pay if you like the picture?


silver fox said...

In my opinion, it must begin at his expense. Then you have to do to sell. If the first sale of a very small number, then the process to a point to stop the sale. A point is not that someone is willing to pay. If nobody likes your work, not in a position to sell it. Another idea is to go to the market and see how many photographers sell their work, to get an idea. In a recession to reduce their spending for most people, art, etc.

lensmen2 said...

Collection of more than $ 80 to $ 300 for the work of my original photo frame. However, I can make my own pictures, and dry mounting, too.

Print on paper 11x14 to 24x36 cm. I have 8x10 for the people.

Bob - Tucson

Although I buy art from other people, the photos, I have not bought this book.

curiosit... said...

I think you have some answers very well when you take a picture of your work on this post ... at least I will observe and then respond to my offer.

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