Vicious Dog Insurance Vicious Dog In My Neighborhood, Please Help...?

Vicious dog in my neighborhood, please help...? - vicious dog insurance

It is a vicious dog in my neighborhood, but it seems we can not the community to resolve this problem. I do not want a child to death because the dog is kidnapped. We thought if we know the insurance company owner, they have it, you can cancel, at least it is just the dog? Who knows how to find this information or any other idea for the dog to be removed?


Zephyr is the Shiznik said...

You have to do it legislatively. Call animal control when the dog is going on. I assume that the dog is running loose ... If not, then what the hell is the problem?
anyway .. in Delaware, the law is simple .. Keep your dog tied up / content, if it was with her, and have impeccable voice control over them. If animal control, the dog can lose, you're lucky. You can then fine the owner. In Delaware, you can run the dog is too large (big dog), to arrest a crime.
If the harassment can usually cath the dog, then make sure that the documentation and Alling the dog when you got. It is a difficult situation for me to advise, as I do not know if this dog is very aggressive, or is perceived as aggressive. More information would be great!

For owners .. most are just changing their policies and raise prices when a dog bites someone. Why? For, as the CAO, which is faced with situations where some people in the neighborhood Abouta vicious dog us .. Call and we will find a perfvery friendly target race (Pit Bull, Rottie, Dobie, etc.), do not harm anyone. Therefore, they will say it's pretty useless. Even if you catch the dog too aggressive in the video to be, it is likely that the only proper for the Court of Claims .. Perhaps a group of dangerous dogs ..

BUT, if your dog owner LEEP may contain 100% of the time, then there is no reason to have to go through them ... to see if you can get the control animals, the law on the enforcement of confinement.

EDIT .. It is hard to repair ... If you .. on the panel of dangerous dog reguire owners to muzzle it in public ..
Aggressive dogs are usually complaints PRIORITY, BTW. If necessary, all that low and go. Sometimes the floods, the system can cons-productive, May, and received less attention than you really need. Ask the owner of the dog in public .. Muzzled and implementing a training class!

Keep in Mind .. through no fault of the dog .. She had never thought I would need to train and your dog .. This is not a gathering to socialize race Robablyfor him.

Bonsylar said...

You and your neighbors have flooded the complaints.

No complaints about the phone here and there like 30 people every day. Every incident must be called by any neighbors.

Both animal control and police have a lot to do in a day. Pests are low on the priority list. You need to make a loud noise or to be ignored.

To protect yourself:
Get a airhorn spray, pepper and a baseball bat.

Southern... said...

What does the vicious dog to do? Has anyone recently or what

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