18 Letter Last Name> Baby Name Game: Literary And The Duggars...?

Baby Name Game: Literary and the Duggars...? - 18 letter last name>

It is a game for the exercise of the mind - If you do not want to accept, you are :-)

* OK - like the Duggar have 18 names
* So - like the Duggar, you will have a theme and follow the rules ...

* * Each child must have a first and second (or two centers, if you will) - chose the gender / etc

* * The first / second name should be from the same book (for the # 1 Child, 2, and arrive 3 to appoint an interview with a vampire, while the child is the name of Twilight # 4 and Child # 5 vertices is the name of heights, etc.)

* * The first letter of each name must match - eg. Bryony Belle or Crispian Chance Cade
* * The last letter of the name must be as with the first letter of your middle name match (s) -. Alys Cordelia Annabel and David Desmond
* * The last letter of each name must match - eg. Zeke and Sophia Eugene May Bethany
You can mix and match up with the kids :-)

Please send your stories for each child and all other references are required - thank you andFun!

So, what baby name you have chosen?


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