More Pleasing Boobs Or But How Can I Lose A Large Percentage Of My Weight Without Losing My Boobs?

How can I lose a large percentage of my weight without losing my boobs? - more pleasing boobs or but

They have recently joined a loser "big" competition --- With 10 children. I am the only woman. The deal is the one who loses the most percentage of weight loss (instead of 20 pounds, or whatever wins) all the money that was broadcast worldwide at the beginning. I have until 1 April, to beat her. I want to lose weight and, frankly, you probably need, but I like my breasts, and I do not want to go! If you have good advice on how to lose, but keep your breasts, please answer!


biabia08... said...

Breasts lose and win the competition and a little bigger breasts, and evil is good. Breasts are mostly fat, so they only can you help if you lose weight.

Jeff d said...

I have this on this page.
There are more tips and information.

Did you need to achieve an exercise, and (I realize not told to eat DIET) plan that works for you;

It is also necessary to make a strenuous physical activity that you love, who could not be established.

Soon, his friends will ask for advice!

Good luck, you can do it!

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lindsey said...

I do not know of any way you can lose your breasts ... youre going to lose all body parts. But good luck!

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