College Station, Cruising Areas Im 17, Am I Going To Get Arrested For This (pt 2.)?

Im 17, am i going to get arrested for this (pt 2.)? - college station, cruising areas

ok heres the deal. My friend wanted me to meet this girl when you get your e-mail address and a phone number, and I lived in the city, where they met at a gas station. We were just cruising in the city for a few hours. I turned around and went into force and the next thing I know, cops are flying back home and seek my face, and ask lots of questions. The reason is that there were their friends, who called her in the first police and said she got into a car with a stranger, and HES a child "at the university." The are not in school, I only post-secondary courses. And in any case, his parents' attempts to arrest me for kidnapping and attempted rape. That's not true.'ve Just mentioned. She is 14 or 15 and MI - 17th What is fever?
pt.2 "Her friends were with her when we met and were off. It goes to the police tomorrow will be issued for a test of the injury. An arrest warrant of May? complaint for false arrest?


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