Electro Foil Boat After Being Electro Shocked Do You Get Sick To Your Stomach The Next Day And Make You Stutter ?

After being Electro shocked do you get sick to your stomach the next day and make you stutter ? - electro foil boat

Yesterday I was preparing dinner, try a new recipe for corn and my aluminum foil touch the bottom of my microwave. (There are no wires showing in the back.) Just touch the surface of the back of the microwave and sparks electroical had "really seen." Before I knew it was on earth, I, l 'experiences of my initial shock, electro. To tremble for the first few seconds or minutes, I know, I could not move, but I started and then I have on my phone. I have no insurance I can not say 911 and not feel shortness of breath or pain. So, my friend took me to doctors and hours later I was good to say. They are the doctors sent me home. So today and yesterday have been stuttering is a side effect? I have no idea. Even today, after lunch, which was at 11.15, I was sick to my stomach for the rest of the day. Thus, a side effect, too? I had headaches really bad, but the doctor told me would happen.


jo jo said...

Since you mention no insurance, you should at least be the doctor's office and tell him your complaints since the last time I saw her.

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