1930s Air Compressor Model Numbers Cavity Air Brick In Front Room Causing A Draft - Can We Block It?

Cavity Air Brick in front room causing a draft - can we block it? - 1930s air compressor model numbers

We have a 1930, a house and the door leads directly into the living room (formerly a corridor, but apparently this was removed) in a recent by the owners

In the bay window at the bottom is a vent that blows extremely cold air into the main room. There are holes in the stone on the other hand, if you want to say.

Recognizing that the majority is now in the winter here, and we have some duct tape, it does not work. Can we stop something?

Sure, if it wouldnt be done about illegal or dangerous, but it is really necessary? It replaces the laminate floor with a carpet, to try to help, but so cold.

Brick house with my parents, this thing is drilled through the wall of the kitchen in the cupbourd under the sink and it makes more sense, do not say that.

Any advice please?


What the Heck said...

Air stones will be installed to ventilate the house with wooden floors and ventilation.

Current building codes do not like to be ventilated cavities, or the sort you describe, ventilate the house. Directly below the bottom of the soil should be released into the air bars.

Block, because the rooms are vented through holes in the windows.

nosdda said...

If you gas appliances in the room, so you do not block the opening, such as gas fires, etc. must have a free air to prevent carbon dioxide. You can reduce the air, supported by a small plate disadvantages ventilation. It will not stop the airflow, but also reduces the cast in order to direct the airflow.

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