Memorial Wording Wedding Program I Would Like To Include A Small Memorial For My Brother In My Wedding Program . Any Ideas How?

I would like to include a small memorial for my brother in my wedding program . Any ideas how? - memorial wording wedding program

I need help in formulating appropriate. I want something simple and easy. All locations of the sample text would also help.


Kristin Pregnant with #4 said...

Are you a candle set fire to the memory? If so, you can put under the line where you put lighting Memorial
The candle lit memorial to honor the bride's brother) (name.
On this day of happiness, we would be those who are no longer with us to remember, especially (name), Brother brides.

My mother died before 5 years. I want to put a bouquet of red carnations at the front, first row, or the priest says, "Weddings are the time, not just to celebrate love, celebrate life and happiness, but also the lives of those who are no longer with us because they have helped to shape what we are today. In memory of mother, wife, Marta, a bouquet of red carnations in the first seat placed in the forefront. "

I hope this has helped some.

Random Precision said...

It is very sweet, but your wedding day is a day of joy and happiness. His brother wants for you.

tamrasti... said...

Here is a poem by E. E Cummings is I think it's good .. trying to fit somewhere ..

I carry your heart

I carry your heart with me (I wear it in
My heart) I am never without it (everywhere
I want my love, and everything is
just for me, for you, my love)
I fear no fate (for you are my fate, my sweet) I
no world (for beautiful you are my world, my true)
and they are, what does the moon always
and what will the sun is to sing, that you

Here is the deepest secret nobody knows
(which is the root of the root and the bud of the bud's
and the sky of the sky of a tree called life which grows
can be expected, higher than the soul or mind can hide)
and it is the miracle, which is heldtion of the stars apart
I carry your heart (I carry in my heart)

sexychoc... said...

You can name as honoary witnesses and their departure and the sunset and a few words to express his memory in the program. Or you have a candle in memory without your brother, turn left!

Lydia said...

That is really not appropriate to do much about it, I understand your feelings. A place to talk about something if you thank you to the reception and dinner programs.

kateqd30 said...

In our program we have written

"And bless us from above today, have a high price in our hearts and memories of the love"

brown_ey... said...

remebrance and I know you can go anywhere, but in my marriage, we had a memory of my Bubba and had a chair, lit a candle, my mother, my father and my sister, and all the best man wore a little piece of blue cloth baby in the neck, there are many ways to remember, so I'm very sorry for your loss to know what your going through, I have my Bubba got married in May 2006, then in July when it is really hard. .. to remember, however, congratulations for the great day that it willl be with you forever

KIM-ME said...

To have many things for the wedding remember to have a love one.They this commemorative glass in the glass-In Loving Memory these flowers bloom as a symbol to remember the life and love.

k_reile said...

for the grandparents, we had a floral arrangement with a candle for each deceased grandparents. In our program, we mentioned that the agreement on the piano in memory of our grandparents (was) their name, no longer with us. But be careful ... We had detonated five sails and our consent ... My grandfather thought it was, we know it is there that day :-)

Nora said...

In the back of the print as a prayer for marriage, have an idea and I hear that my brother [
] Here, in the spirit of today, we miss his physical presence on this occasion

belmyst said...

My friend has just this --
My friend had (two flowers in their buttonholes at the ceremony his btother was his best man)
A reception at the beginning of his speech, he drew a flower and gave the bride. He kissed her and stood before her. He said: "This flower is for our brother, David. We know that we meant well, and ensure us forever. We miss you Dave." Then he raised his glass and said: "To absent friends, here in nearby took place in our hearts. "

He continued his speech, as usual. Very short, very simple - I thought it was beautiful. It was a sad moment, but it did not spoil the joy of the day.

ღ♥ St. Patricks Day Birthday♥ღ said...

Why do u want to do that? amazing, you should be happy your marriage, not mixed with sad emotions. People end up crying for U and its loss. Just keep it short and say

"I wish my brother could be here for me, but I know he is watching us."
And that's all. short and simple that people can enjoy the day and eat cake with you and your husband.

Bridget5... said...

At my wedding we had pictures on the altar of family members (siblings, grandparents), which is not physically present, but in their minds. Among each photo a small votive was lit at the same time as the other lights had been lit before the ceremony. On the program on our "Thank you for sharing with us today who has the message of pictures and candles on the altar were the memory of our loved ones can not be with us." My sister had a pink bench in the holding room for each member is not present. Hope this helps!

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