Xx Young Loli What Is The Appeal Of Junk Food For Families With Young Children?

What is the appeal of junk food for families with young children? - xx young loli

I am 12 years and one of my questions that need to know:

1. The fast-food restaurants appeal to families with young children?

2. Toys that are effective "hooks" to fast food for sale to children?

3. Fast-food restaurants are no longer from the beginning?
For example, families with young children to eat more junk food

If you have a family with small children have to answer these questions, it would be great.

This may be confidential, but if possible, please leave your name.

Thank you.



Patty said...

If someone sees my answer, go read my last question and tell me if you still want your child to give the kind of waste.

Violet said...

I think the real attraction is convenience. Do not cook or clean up with not preparing something special for picky eaters. Busy parents can only drive his way through from one activity to another. For some, stress, families busy schedule, I'll wager that the benefits far outweigh too - the cost, "junkiness", etc.

I'm not saying it's good, I do not think so. We try to stay away from fast food. But we have some of the actions and toys, especially those who are absorbed in groups or rows. No, I do not know how many times we went to find some McD Teenie Beanies, or Matchbox cars. But working with adults. Take a look at the success of the game Monopoly.

Tedi said...

I have no children or anything, but I cook for myself and junk food is faster and less expensive, so they eat garbage more often. When u look at the price of 5 apples, then a big bag of chips and tell me the cheapest? I wish I was healthy, but I can not afford to lol, I'm not in the trash, most of the time to live everything. My name is Terri am a woman of 20 and not more weight, but wish I could lose x

Live and Learn said...

1. Just because when you are in trouble, it is difficult to take the children everywhere, on the drive, the best way to go.
2. NO. If you eat fast food, eating the dollar menu, and are happy because they do not need the toy, the FF obtained.
3. You are not special. You are my favorite place to go at least. I take the kids a place to eat better and free.
Do not buy junk food, children eat it.My very little love for the fruit snacks!


I was raised to hate fast food and healthy eating.

So look at me now, even when I go to fast food for things like apples and healthy things xD

so that all of you, as parents teach children to think, and if they agree to fast food or not. Personally, I do not even eat this shit. * Shivers *

ieatpeop... said...


1. It is cheaper and faster. Many of these markets in places specifically for kids: Colors, playgrounds, etc., for children on request.

2. Yes

3. Families eat much junk food. But at a place of fast food to go is even more attractive for children because of marketing.

Sarah said...

uhmm in after he most would like to eat a dog turd, because I was abused and not eating, etc.

Plus I friggin love Burger King has never had, and up to 2 days, but in the Triple Whopper lovng =]

But I play volleyball, basketball, softball and I ate a lot and not gaining weight is just the tip, but excersize and keep my normal weight, but I am still under the weight

Gianna said...

Cooking for children can have a whole pain in the ass. Perhaps because the children eat unhealthy things, but delicious inclined, you can the parents a break. Bosse and faster. More toys on the hook.

.... said...

eat because some families who do not have time to cook, so little, I think toys are effective, but depends on the child, I do not think that they as individuals, as they were.

Hottie said...

1-because the kids can be choosy and have more variety.

2-somewhat like the children of 6-7 years or less, such as playing with them

3-yeahh, because their parents get all the time.

The Difference said...

Andy, a father of three children (14.8 and 6)

1 It's fast, easy and without any dirt at home. In addition, add games or play areas to keep children busy while parents get a break.
2. His appeal among the announcements, especially for children, the mistakes of their parents to them. She also notes that toys are always screaming bright colors to attract attention. The toys are not sold individually, but for a meal or after purchasing a certain amount. Increase sales. Half the time the children will not even touch the food.
3.On, food was something once a week or only on special occasions. Now, with so much variety and large number of franchises, although prices dropped, or are available ($ 1 dollar menu), people find it very difficult to avoid. In each city, in turn, the ads, catchy jingles, advertising or strong new tricks was to win against children, it is difficult for parents to say no.

full of opinions. said...

I can say that I come from a family of thin people, but we do everything for the kitchen. Food is scarce, and when we eat, we see many overweight people.

In my opinion, the numbers of the appeal to families with young children because most children are finicky eaters and prefer to go without food, something they do not like, and parents feel guilty about eating and Mai, who come to The restaurant food is the fastest and easier to manufacture than 5 DIFF. Meals for all children.

It is possible that the toys can be the bait, but I doubt it, because the toys are so cheap and small.

I am not talking about fast-food restaurants to think of losing popularity. Appear higher demand than ever, and I think that families with very young children to consume junk food, as statistics show that the weight, look at the progression of obesity.
Hope this helps.

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